The best real club band in Vancouver.
A superb music mix of 80's and current smash hits !


BANG! is a high energy Vancouver club band perfectly designed to make your  night great.
Want to see BANG! live .... start here some live and promo videos in HD fullscreen !


The band was formed in 2007 to play some shows in Europe.
After gigs in Warsaw ,they returned home and since then they have played many top Vancouver rooms and events.

BANG! has played  ROCK 101 radio in Vancouver many times as well as other stations UBC,the Air Show and lots of casinos.

Their setlist mixes songs that are hot on the charts right now with danceable hits of the 80’s, for a superb music mix.

The BANG! night has been designed to be free of tired bar songs and is loaded with great club songs that make the room rock !

That's why BANG! is such a buzz band in Vancouver.
Hip ,pro and decidedly not just another cliche band... somewhat matching bright ties here !

In addition to the fabulous Shelley Preston on lead vocals,the band has three more lead vocalists that also play several instruments !

Not only is their show exciting , the 4 part live harmonies are unequaled.

There are keyboards on either side of the stage and band members may rotate to new instruments during any song keeping the stage energized !

BANG is a real dance rock band .
They don't use substitute musicians or have different group size options.What you see is what you get....each night....every night.

BANG ! is a band with tons of experience that is constantly getting booked in the best rooms in the city.
Your night will never be dull ........go see BANG!


Upcoming Events  ;

Fri.  March 10 - Hard Rock Casino Vancouver

Sat. April 8 - Fairmont Pacific Rim Vancouver

Sat. May 6 - Private event

Sat. May 13 - Hard Rock Casino




is based in Vancouver Canada.


"a killer band ! "

" Can't wait to see you again soon."

"the best band we've ever had ! "

"Your set list is perfect and you've all got talent to spare"

"BANG just rocks ! "

"we felt like we were watching a concert "

"one of our top bands"  - agency

"great vocals"


" a fantastic band....kept everyone dancing all night"

"By far the best sounding band I've mixed here" - casino sound tech

"BANG did a great job for us at the airshow .
We booked them for another gig as soon as they were done their first set."

-Michael Buble's former musical director-Bryant Olender

"BANG was a fantastic band and kept everyone dancing all night.   ..........the perfect fit for this event."

BANG ! would like to thank the incredible Fairmont Pacific Rim in Vancouver for having us as their feature entertainment for New Year's 2016 !

It's amazing to be the house band and, being there so often, we thank you for the opportunity. It's always great to see our friends. What a fabulous time!

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A great casino band from Vancouver 
Bang ! Vancouver club band
Top 40 dance band from Vancouver.
Wicked club band from B.C..
Fairmont Pacific Rim entertainment.
Hard Rock Casino favorite Asylum band.